If you've received a message from Jake Owen on Facebook recently -- well, it wasn't him. And after finding out about his impostor, the real Owen is putting whoever's behind the account on notice.

On Wednesday afternoon (April 20), Owen posted a video and warning on his own (real) Facebook page: "There is a lowlife POS that has been sending messages from a fake 'Jake Owen' account to females out there;" in the messages, "fake Jake" says that he wants to talk to whomever he is contacting, and he includes his phone number.

The singer found out about the fake account after having messages forwarded to him, and in response, he "figured I'd call him and give him a piece of my mind." The video (which readers can watch above) shows Owen attempting to call whoever's behind the messages "and make sure he doesn't mess with any of my great fans, like you guys." The person at the other end of the number doesn't pick up, but Owen left a piece of his mind in a (pretty funny, though slightly NSFW) voicemail message.

"As you can see, he's a coward and would not pick up ... although, he did text back after and continue to say he was me," Owen writes. "He also asked that I not share his number ... Haha ... Well friends, his number is 415-691-8521."

The Boot has confirmed that, as of publication time, this number does, indeed, work; however, our call went to voicemail.

"I'm not finished with these creeps," Owen concludes. "I will do everything in my power to make sure you all, my fans, are protected from these lowlife people. I love you guys."

In addition to calling out cyberbullies, Owen is currently working on a new album. He recently released a music video for his newest single, "American Country Love Song."

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