Rising star Jade Bird's music reflects a diverse group of influences spanning grunge-inflected rock, pop and country, so it only makes sense that her tastes would be omnivorous. Below, Bird has compiled a diverse array of songs, from Daniel Johnston's 1985 folk cult classic "True Love Will Find You in the End" to music from the Raincoats, a '70s band that Bird discovered only recently.

"I only just found them the other day, and they blew me away!" the singer explains of the band and their song "Only Loved at Night," which is included in her playlist. "They're one of the first all-girl punk acts, championed by the likes of Kurt Cobain. This song is so unique and sets the tone for the whole album."

Elsewhere on the playlist, Bird celebrates an icon of an entirely different sort: Brazilian rocker and Bossa Nova legend Caetano Veloso. "I love this guy. His voice is incredible," she gushes. "The music he was putting out around '69 and a few years after is so good. Everyone needs to hear it."

The genres -- and decades -- that Bird draws from don't stop there: She also includes newly released music, including singer-songwriter and musician SASAMI's "Morning Comes."

"This record is 100-percent one of the best pieces of work this year," Bird continues. "It's got such a steady and alternative sound. Think [Nashville-based indie performer] Soccer Mommy, think [indie rocker] Mitski, think SASAMI!!!"

To get to know the artists listed above and check out many more of the tunes on steady rotation for Bird right now, listen to the Spotify playlist below. One of The Boot's 2019 Artists to Watch, Bird assembled the mix specifically for our readers.

Listen to Jade Bird's Playlist:

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