After more than seven years away from releasing music, beloved singer-songwriter Jack Ingram is back with a brand new album.

Announced via release, Ingram returns with Midnight Motel, out on Rounder Records on June 24. The album is Ingram’s eighth studio release and his first since the smash-hit album he released in 2009, Big Dreams & High Hopes. Midnight Motel was, according to Ingram, written independently as to avoid any outside influence from the rest of the music scene.

"It was really important to me at this point in my life to avoid thinking about any commercial decisions about the music," explains Ingram in a statement.  "Every night after my kids went to bed, I'd go into my music room and stay in there until about three or four, just working out the songs like I did at the beginning of my career. Or while on the road, sit up late at night writing in motel rooms."

In keeping with Ingram’s reputation as a troubadour, the album features conversations with the band between tracks, song dedications and plenty of stories. This type of intimacy is now rarely seen in country records, and provides a sort of “live show” feel for the listener.

In the meantime, fans can purchase “I’m Drinking Through It" via iTunes.

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