Jack Ingram knows what it's like to be the unwitting subject of a prank. As a tour mate of that clown prince of pranksters, Brad Paisley, Ingram was once kidnapped and put in a cage, forced to saw his way out while on stage.

But don't look for Ingram to do the same thing to Toby Keith, for whom he's been opening shows recently. He doesn't believe Keith is the jokester type.

"I think the only pranks [Toby Keith] plays are jumping into the audience and actually getting into fights with his fans, which is a pretty good prank!," Ingram said in a recent interview with HitFix,

Recounting the notorious incident which occurred at a Toby Keith show last month, Ingram seems to confirm that he's at least somewhat inspired to do some "punk"-ing of his own.

"[Toby] jumped off his stage ... because someone poured beer on the stage and flipped him off. I was going to pull that prank. I was going to go out during the same section of the song and pour beer on the stage and flip him off. And at the last minute, I [said], "Nah, I'm not going to do that."

Although we would have liked to see it, we think that was probably a very wise decision!