Jack Ingram has found a new love: YouTube. The singer-songwriter has created a segment, the 'Acoustic Motel,' where he performs a different song -- sometimes it's new, occasionally it's a cover -- every week.

"The 'Acoustic Motel' is one of my favorite things to do," Jack tells The Boot. "This whole idea of what the Internet can do for music is great. I know it's a pain, because we can't figure out how to get paid for recorded music, but in the end someone is going to figure that out. The best part about it is it's such a great way to stay relevant with your fans, to stay in front of them and to turn other people on to what you're doing with just a keystroke."

The tunes Jack uploads every Monday range from covers of Paramore's 'The Only Exception' and Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' to his own beloved hits. "This YouTube 'Acoustic Motel' we started has been great, because I've gotten to go back and learn old songs of mine that I hadn't played in forever," he explains. "You realize there was a reason you liked that song in the first place. To write a song and to be able to record, play it in front of a camera, and have it be heard is awesome."

Jack's primary focus is his fans, and the 'Acoustic Motel' is his direct link to them. "Some people think that takes something away from the end product," he acknowledges. "They think that you're taking away from the surprise of a brand-new song, but to me country music has always been more about familiar music and touching a nerve. That doesn't diminish. It's great for me to put new stuff out there."

While Jack prepares to record a new album, fans can get a taste of what it might include. "If you go back and look at the videos, at this point, you'd find at least five or six brand-new songs," he reveals.

Check out Jack's Paramore cover below, and watch the entire 'Acoustic Motel' series here.