American songwriter Jack Grelle is giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first listen to his latest single, "These Walls." The honky-tonk heartbreak tune sounds a lot like Johnny but could just as easily have been sung by June; indeed, it spins the classic jilted-lover theme on its head, and this time, it's the man who's done being led on.

The second single from Grelle's forthcoming debut album, "These Walls" is an achingly beautiful waltz of a song. It portrays the demise of a relationship that was practically doomed from the start.

""These Walls" is a classic country heartache song from the viewpoint of an unbalanced relationship," Grelle tells The Boot. "Both parties have been hurt in the past and are hesitant to completely open themselves up. Unrealistic expectations and lack of communication lead to exhausting attempts to fulfill a partner's needs. One thinks that they have given their all, without feeling loved in return, while the other is saying, 'You don't try hard enough.'"

But if both parties share the blame for the end of the relationship, they'll both share the heartache as well. Over twangy slide guitars and that classic two-step drum beat, Grelle's raw and warbling voice reveals a lover who's just as wrecked by his counterpart's inability to open her heart as his own.

"You wore me out / 'Cause you've been running me around / And after all I've sweat / You criticize me when I sit down," Grelle sings in the first verse of "These Walls," as he gets fed up with unrealistic expectations from his lover. "No matter what I do / You leave me out of your heart and mine / 'Cause I'm not fit for these walls you built for me to climb."

Grelle has made a name for himself throughout the past year by combining diverse influences -- everything from Cajun music to Americana to folk to classic rock 'n' roll. Whether the result is the rollicking and boisterous "Got Dressed Up to Be Let Down" or the smooth two-step sound of "These Walls," the St. Louis-based singer-songwriter has found an exciting way to breathe fresh air into '70s honky-tonk.

"I enjoy the challenge of a writing a new song in a tradition that has been perfected a hundred times over," Grelle says. "Everyone can relate to a heartache song about a frustrated relationship. It's finding those personal anecdotes that makes the song honest."

"These Walls" joins nine other tracks on Grelle's upcoming LP, Got Dressed Up to Be Let Down, which is set for release on Oct. 28; the album, Grelle's fourth, is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. For more details on Grelle or to find out where to catch an upcoming show, visit his official website or check the tour dates list below.

Listen to Jack Grelle, "These Walls":

Jack Grelle, Upcoming Tour Dates:

Oct. 20 - Columbia, Mo. @ Logboat Brewing Company
Nov. 1 - Nashville, Tenn. @ American Legion Post 82
Nov. 2 - Bloomington, Ind. @ Players Pub
Nov. 3 - Cincinnati, Ohio @ Southgate House Revival
Nov. 4 - Louisville, Ky. @ Nach Bar
Nov. 5 - St. Louis, Mo. @ Off Broadway
Nov. 14 - Memphis, Tenn. @ Buccaneer Lounge
Nov. 15 - New Orleans, La. @ Mag's
Nov. 16 - Houston, Texas @ Continental Club
Nov. 17 - Austin, Texas @ White Horse
Nov. 18 - Austin, Texas @ Driskill Hotel
Nov. 19 - Tulsa, Okla. @ Mercury Lounge
Nov. 20 - Fayetteville, Ark. @ Smoke and Barrel
Dec. 1 - Chicago, Ill. @ Cafe Mustache
Dec. 2 - Milwaukee, Wis. @ Kochanski's Concertina Beer Hall
Dec. 3 - Minneapolis, Minn. @ Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge
Dec. 4 - Duluth, Minn. @ Red Herring Lounge
Dec. 7 - Sioux Falls, S.D. @ Bros Brasserie Americano
Dec. 8 - Omaha, Neb. @ O'Leaver's
Dec. 10 - Des Moines, Iowa @ Gas Lamp
Dec. 11 - Dubuque, Iowa @ Lift
Dec. 14 - Springfield, Mo. @ Lindberg's Tavern
Dec. 15 - Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Anthem Brewing Company
Dec. 16 - Kansas City, Mo. @ Westport Saloon
Dec. 17 - Columbia, Mo. @ Cafe Berlin
Dec. 30-31 - St. Louis, Mo. @ Delmar Hall

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