It's safe to say that any moment spent with Willie Nelson is no ordinary moment. The country legend has been around the block a few times, and he's been known to march to the beat of his own drum, as Luke Combs found out first-hand when Nelson invited him to play poker at his house.

As Combs recounts on the Full Send Podcast, he had just wrapped up a songwriting festival in Hawaii. Although his wife Nicole opted to go home for work, the singer stayed in Maui before doing some radio promo in Seattle a few days later.

A festival organizer invited Combs to play golf and then head over to Nelson's beach house for a game of poker. It didn't take long after a brief greeting for the "Always on My Mind" singer to bring out one of his recreational tools.

“So we get in there, we’re talkin’ for a minute, dude, he rips the piece out, dude, you know what I mean? The peace pipe," Combs recounts. "And I’ve heard the stories, bro, it’s like, don’t, you know. Toby Keith has a song called 'I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again,' you know what I mean?"

"I’ve heard the song, I’m aware of the moment, you know. And I go, 'All right, man, when this thing comes, you only got one, dude, you can’t go twice, dude, on this deal,'” he adds.

Despite that, Combs ended up taking a second hit, and it just about did him in. After drinking what he believes was about "two gallons" of water, the crew sat down to play poker. At one point, Combs says Nelson got up from the table and walked down the hallway to another room that had a punching bag in it.

“And he stands there and like, arms out, like full Karate Kid and starts just kicking this punching bag," he shares. "Tossing crane kicks, dude, he’s 84, and like, just hammering this punching bag. And I’m looking at the poker table, and I’m like, 'What is happening?' Nobody sees this happen."

"He goes out, is out for five minutes, could’ve been five hours, I don’t know the difference at this point... comes back in, stops at the thing, hits one more crane kick, walks back in, doesn’t say a peep about it,” Combs reveals before summing it up with, "It was wild. It was absolutely wild.”

Hear more of Combs' story at the 1:15:50 mark:

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