Ingrid Andress may be an accomplished songwriter with dozens of high-profile cuts to her name, but that doesn't mean she was any less shocked to hear her own voice on country radio. In fact, the first time she heard one of her songs being played, Andress was an independent artist who hadn't even officially released a single for adds. 

Andress was thrilled -- if confused -- to hear her first song on the radio. However, she might be celebrating airplay for some of her upcoming singles not by turning it up and posting a video to Instagram, but instead by "bawling her eyes out." Read on to learn why.

I heard my song "The Stranger" on SiriusXM['s station] the Highway, which was weird, because I didn't even know they had put it on there. I wasn't even a signed artist! I was independent. I had just put the song out by myself, and had recorded my own music video, which was really janky.

But I was driving, and all of the sudden they were like, "We have a new song." I was like, "Wait, what?!" Nobody told me, because they didn't know who to call. They were like, "We don't know who this girl is, but we found the song, and it's awesome." I was like, "Holy s--t, that's me!"

I started getting pictures [from] people: They'd started taking pictures in their cars, like, "Is that you?" I was like, "... I think so?" It was weird.

[The way I celebrate hearing my songs on the radio] probably depends on the song. I would probably turn it up on "Lady Like." For sure. But some of the songs that are coming are a little tear-jerking, so I probably wouldn't want to blast them. I would wanna bawl my eyes out.

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