The term "supergroup" seems tailor-made for roots rockers I'm With Her; after all, the trio is comprised of Nickel Creek co-founder Sara Watkins, Grammy Awards-winning singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz and folk-bluegrass lifer Aoife O'Donovan. Still, the latter isn't necessarily comfortable using such a lofty term to describe the group.

"I think those girls are super," O'Donovan recently told The Boot with a laugh, "but I think supergroup is a scary term because it implies we're late-career artists. We all see our careers as having a long way to go, so, to me, it feels silly to call ourselves that, but I take it as a compliment."

I'm With Her released their debut album, See You Around, on Feb. 16. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the record is a lovely fusion of bluegrass, folk and country, all bolstered by incisive arrangements and adventurous harmonies. Look no further than the hushed and adventurous "I-89," a bluesy R&B song that piles on banjo, gritty grooves and mandolin.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to learn five reasons why I'm With Her are one of The Boot's artists to watch in 2018.

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