Hunter Hayes has released the music video for his current single, 'Tattoo.'

The video was directed by Kristen Barlowe and was inspired by street art, with animated graphics and graffiti featured heavily.

“With a song like 'Tattoo,' it's a very visual thing," Hayes says. "Lyrically, the goal is to bring you to a place where all these artistic elements of inspiration come to life around you. So, for the video, rather than just explain how a relationship can inspire you, we wanted to go beyond the expected and make a musically inspired moment jump out of a two-dimensional space."

Hayes penned 'Tattoo' with Barry Dean and Troy Verges. The song is the second single off of his sophomore album, 'Storyline,' following the success of the album's debut single, 'Invisible,' which focused on the singer's struggles with being bullied.

Hayes is currently headlining his We're Not Invisible Tour across the US and Canada. A full list of upcoming tour dates is available at