Hunter Hayes has released the second single, 'Tattoo,' from his No. 1 album, 'Storyline,' which was released last month.

Hayes, who co-wrote the song with veteran tunesmiths Troy Verges and Barry Dean, hints in the tune that he may be willing to get inked for the right girl.

It’s unerasable, unmistakable, hey, everybody wants to know / Now I think I know, I’ll wear it on my sleeve, I gotta let it show / Making a promise that I never wanna let you go," he croons.

"When you write someone's name in a tattoo, you've made a decision, and you've made a decision hopefully based on a gut feeling that's real and deep," Hayes explains of the song. "[It's] telling someone that I'm ok with this being permanent, I'm ok with this being forever. That's how good I feel about this."

The uptempo, light-hearted song makes it the perfect follow-up to the record's first single, 'Invisible,' which he wrote in response to his own battle with bullying while he was growing up.

“[I was bullied] a little bit,” he says. “I’m careful to say that because even in my own experiences, I know that there were a lot of people that had it a lot worse than me. So I will not stand here and complain about it. But, yeah, I went through a lot of different feelings that come with being someone who doesn’t fit in at all and will not fit in at all.”

Hayes will have plenty of chances to perform 'Tattoo' this summer. He is currently crossing the country on his We're Not Invisible Tour, and will also perform for the NBC Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, along with Miranda Lambert and Lionel Richie. See a list of all of his upcoming shows here, and download 'Storyline' here.