With Grace & Tony still working on their new album Phantasmagoric, their labelmates Humming House are taking over Greenroom Sessions duties for April, offering up a soulful jam of Susan Tedeschi's "Just Won't Burn."

The Nashville-based folk-Americana band give a fresh and addictive spin on Tedeschi's late '90s hit -- and Grace & Tony couldn't be more excited about it, calling the band "absolutely amazing." The two groups partnered for another Greenroom Sessions video back in August, and it was a smashing success; at the time, Tony said that Humming House were the "most professional and prepared group we have ever worked with."

This month's video features Humming House playing in a friend's living room; it was originally filmed for their "Parlor Sessions" YouTube series, which takes place in different living rooms around Nashville, but when Grace & Tony asked Humming House to submit a clip for the Greenroom Sessions series, vocalist Leslie Rodriguez says, "We thought this would be the perfect video for it."

"Susan Tedeschi is one of my favorite musicians ever -- that voice! that guitar! -- and I love this song," Rodriguez explains. "My dad and I have been covering "Just Won't Burn" together since I was in high school, and I had suggested it as an option to Humming House, but the timing to work it up never seemed right."

But sometimes, the best things take patience -- and more patience. Eventually, friends asked if Humming House could cover the tune during a house show they were hosting.

"We had told her, truthfully, that we didn't think we could put it together in time," Rodriguez says, "but we had a spare moment ... and we were able to work it up before we played their house concert."

Rodriguez's powerhouse vocals are a great match for the tune, and the entire band is simply electrifying to watch; it's magic in the making.

Humming House released their third studio record, Revelriesat the end of March.

The Boot will have another installment of the Greenroom Sessions up on May 15, so be sure to check back then for a brand-new video!