In mid-June, Hudson Moore released his sophomore album, Getaway. The 14-track country project gives fans a good look at the singer as a person: his Texas upbringing, his fascination with soul and rock music and his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. And that's just what Moore intended.

"I got to put out a wide variety of songs with Getaway; it’s 14 songs that cover a wide variety of subject matter and different themes," the rising artist tells The Boot. "But, overall, I think it will make people feel good and roll the windows down and turn it up.

"It’s a really authentic album," Moore adds. "We wanted to do it real, all live tracking."

The record's title, Getaway, is especially meaningful to Moore, who took his time recording the disc and stayed away from the typical Nashville regimen.

"The reason I called it Getaway was not only because some of the songs take you to that place where you get away in your mind, but it was kind of like a musical getaway," Moore explains. "We went down to Texas, and we were off the grid. We didn’t feel like we were 'on the clock,' so to speak; it was just like we were getting back to having fun and making music."

Moore, whose first full-length album, 2010's Fireworks, spawned a No. 1 single in Texas with its title track, trusted his instincts fully while recording Getaway.

"I’ve made albums where it’s sort of 'in the box,' so to speak -- where it’s just you and a producer, and it’s a little more programmed," shares Moore. "With this, I wanted to get back to just making music in a room and being inspired, because that’s how all my favorite records were made, so we set out to make it that way."

On "Some Are," Getaway's debut single, Moore plays every instrument: drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, keys and a six-string banjo. He also does his own harmony vocals.

"I wanted to showcase something different," Moore confesses. "I wanted people to watch the video and to walk away with something they don’t normally see. A lot of people don’t know me, so I wanted to show people that I’m a musician first and foremost. And it’s fun; I enjoy playing all the different instruments."

The tunesmith is humble and says that he isn't a pro on all of the instruments he plays -- but the skills he demonstrates in the "Some Are" music video (which readers can watch below) prove he's pretty darn good.

"Guitar and drums are sort of my sweet spot ... I sort of fell into keys a little bit," Moore says. "I’m certainly not an intricate keyboard player, by any means, but I’ve heard enough records and I’ve played enough to know what I can get by on, and what I can do well versus what I can’t."

A Fort Worth native, Moore drew inspiration from the Lone Star State, as well as from a few of his favorite artists, while writing and recording songs for Getaway.

"I think there’s a lot of Texas influence [on Getaway]," the tunesmith muses. "Some of my earliest songwriting influences were George Strait, being from Texas, and guys like Pat Green. But when I moved down to Austin to go to school, I was heavily influenced by blues and rock, so guys like Stevie Ray Vaughan have a lot to do with my guitar playing. There’s a lot of that blues-rock stuff that comes across.

"I literally went through a phase where I listened to blues records all day," he continues. "That really helped my guitar playing. I think every guitar player goes through a blues phase; it’s, like, a fundamental thing you have to study to become, I think, a lead guitar player. So I think a lot of that Texas blues and Texas country kind of works its way into my music a little bit."

The singer admits that he could have stayed in his home state and made a decent living -- but he wants to be known more widely than that.

"Texas is literally the size of some countries ... People can make a living playing Texas if they want to," Moore says. "My goal is to take my music as far as I can, and eventually all over the world, if I can, but obviously you have to have that dedicated fan base. It’s like building a house: You start with the foundation, and you build out. I definitely feel blessed to have grown up in Texas and been able to start there and build my career there."

It wasn't until making Getaway that the singer-songwriter felt that he was finally ready to pursue a career outside of the Texas music scene ... but now he's moving full-speed ahead.

"I want to take this album as far as it will go; I just want to let it fly," Moore reveals. "I’m excited. It’s been living with me for almost a year now. I’m excited to see what fans think of it; I just want people to enjoy it ...

"I just want to see what happens with it," he adds. "I’m leaving it in God’s hands, but I want to see how far it can take us. I think it will be a fun next chapter."

"I’ve always wanted, since day one, to take my music to as many ears as possible," Moore concludes. "I think this music is finally ready to where I’m super proud of it, and I want to share with whoever I can."

Getaway is available for download on iTunes.

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