Home Free have released a new music video for their song "California Country." While the country a cappella group has numerous covers in their repertoire, this song is an original, penned by Home Free member Austin Brown along with Melissa Polinar and producer Darren Rust.

The video for the song was filmed in -- you guessed it -- California, with shots of the five-piece band performing throughout the streets of Los Angeles, including scenes of the group in front of the famous "Hollywood" sign; overlooking the beach; and next to the Walk of Fame stars of some of country music's most well-known names, including Alan Jackson and Vince Gill.

“I was just as excited filming this video as when we were writing "California Country,"" says Brown, who sings high tenor in the group. "The song really embodies a new dimension of the Home Free sound and what is to come for our style of country music."

"California Country" comes off of Home Free's newest album, Country Evolution, which has been well-received by the band's loyal fan base.

“It’s a blessing and a humbling experience to realize how much these people have come to care about us,” Brown tells The Boot. “… We have a very minor celebrity, but a very dedicated fan base, [and] in a time when most celebrity is very transient and short term, we have a fan base that we know is going to be there as long as we’re here, and it’s a very comfortable thing to think about spring-boarding off of.

“We don’t feel like we have to rush. We can take our time to get this right, as long as we keep moving forward, because they love us so much,” he continues, “and hopefully, we can help that grow to a larger fan base that loves us just as much as our current fan base.”

Country Evolution is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.