Holdyn Barder is focusing on the positive and finding the good in his new single "It's All Love." The song is premiering exclusively at The Boot; press play below to listen.

Written by Tim James, Lance Miller and Patrick Jason Matthews, and produced by Chris Loocke, who plays guitar for Chase Rice, "It's All Love" is upbeat and sunny, driven by a bright guitar and a steady drumbeat. The first verse tells off the haters -- "A critic never fixes anything," Barder sings -- before the second urges people to "come together now and raise one up."

"Can’t make a toast with a single Solo cup / Doesn’t matter if it’s cold beer or champagne / We all drink it the same," Barder sings, adding in the bridge, "Ain’t no two people in this world alike /  Some of us are about as different as day and night / But we all share a little bit of common ground / Love makes the world go ‘round, don’t it now?"

Twenty-two-year-old Barder was originally studying quantum mechanics at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania before heading to Nashville to major in music business and audio production at Belmont University. He previously released his debut single, "Like You Do," which he co-wrote with Patrick Jason Matthews and Mike Mobley.

"It's All Love" is due out widely on Friday (Aug. 28) and is available to pre-save now. Visit HoldynBarder.com for more.

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Listen to Holdyn Barder's "It's All Love"

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