Hillary Scott has music in her blood: The Lady Antebellum frontwoman is the daughter of singer Linda Davis and musician Lang Scott, and her younger sister Rylee sings as well. All of that talent made recording Love Remains, the faith-based album recently released under the name Hillary Scott & the Scott Family, an easy endeavor.

"I’m so proud of them for the artists that they all are in their own right," Hillary Scott recently told The Boot and other reporters. "My little sister is really growing into the person, the woman, she’s going to be right now ... For her to be able to nurture her gift and to sing in the studio and to learn all of that, it’s been really awesome to watch."

The debut single from Love Remains, "Thy Will," showcases Scott's own vocal talents, but each family member takes the lead spot on various songs throughout the 13-track record. Additionally, Scott and Davis duet on "The River," with Cheryl and Sharon White from the Whites providing vocals on the track as well.

"To sing a duet with my mom, that’s the ultimate. It’s a tall order, first of all, because she’s a part of one of the most iconic duets in country music," Scott confesses, referring to Davis' duet with with Reba McEntire, "Does He Love You." "When we found that song, "The River," it wasn’t a duet initially, but it just felt like it really lended itself to that.

"I loved the thought of it being the all-female song," Scott continues. "I just kept envisioning these really strong, amazing women of all ages all walking through life together, walking down to the river to get baptized together, and just that community and how important it is to nurture friendships with other women, of all ages, as a woman, and learning from each other."

If "The River" ever becomes a single and needs a music video, hopefully the end result will be less traumatic for Scott than the "Does He Love You" video. That clip was filmed in Los Angeles when Scott was about seven years old, and she recalls that, despite her mother's best intentions to not worry her young daughter, she wound up with a slightly scarring -- though funny now -- story.

"There’s some special effects in the video; it’s very dramatic: Reba ends up blowing up her husband and my mom, the mistress in the song, and then you find out that it’s all fake. My mom was afraid that when I saw the video, I was going to be extremely traumatized. So, in the actual video shoot, they used a Barbie boat, a motorized mini-boat, with a Barbie and Ken doll," Scott remembers. "My mom was adamant with the special effects team to get those Barbies. So she brought home these mutilated Barbie dolls in this Ziploc bag to make sure that I knew that it wasn’t actually her that got blown up in the video when I saw it on TV a few weeks later.

"I looked at her recently [and said], ‘Mom, what was more traumatic? Watching the video in the room, with you in the room with me, obviously knowing you’re alive, or getting a bag of mutilated Barbie dolls?'" Scott adds.

Scott is playing at fairs and festivals this summer with her Lady A bandmates, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, but she hasn't ruled out hitting the road with her family in the near future.

"We’re talking about it. We have really high hopes," she shares. "Every step in this process, we’ve really just let it come naturally -- the timeline, everything. We haven’t tried to rush it, and I think that’s the same with touring ... [T]here’s a lot of logistics to juggle and to try to piece the puzzle together, but bringing these songs to life in that live show environment would be amazing."

Love Remains is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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