Although the name might make it seem like the opposite, High Valley's "Single Man" is an upbeat track that lays out all the benefits that come along with married life. The catchy tune, driven by a hand-clap beat, falls right in line with the positive vibe that the duo, comprised of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, have offered up in their music thus far.

"Single Man" was written by Brad Rempel with Derick Southerland and Jordan Schmidt. Below, High Valley share the inspiration behind the song in their own words.

Brad Rempel: A lot of people are shocked at the title, honestly, because neither one of us is single.

Curtis Rempel: Brad got married, I got married -- to different people. I've got two kids; Brad's got two kids.

Brad Rempel: It celebrates. It says, "You know what? I don't know a single man out there that wouldn't die to have what I got."

It's the old country switcheroo. It's not what you were expecting with that title.

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