Canadian duo High Valley, made up of brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel, have actually gotten to hear themselves on the radio for the first time twice: once in the U.S. and once in their native country. The more-recent story, involving United States radio, is a great memory; the song they first had played on Canadian radio, however, they'd like fans to never hear.

Below, Brad Rempel recalls both moments for The Boot.

[In the U.S.], we were in Boston, [at] WKLB, and it was on the tour bus. Everybody got to hear it at the same time, and we charted that week on Billboard, so it was a really good day.

[On Canadian radio, it was] in 1998, 20 years ago, right before school. [We were] sitting there in the family room; we had a record player with two cassettes, a CD and radio all built into one.

They played one of our songs off an album I never, ever want you to hear ... I don't remember what it was ... Our first album was called Comfort Zone, and [on the album's cover], we were all very uncomfortably sitting on a couch in the middle of nowhere. Do not ever see that.

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