Ex-Trick Pony lead singer Heidi Newfield teams up with a number of respected music names -- including blues guitarist, pianist and harmonica player Delbert McClinton -- on her forthcoming new album, and she's giving The Boot's readers a sneak peek at the project. Press play below to hear her duet with Clinton, "The Blues Is My Business."

Newfield and McClinton simply rock out on "The Blues Is My Business," written by Kevin Bowe and previously performed by, among others, Etta James. Says Bowe of Newfield's version of the song, "Her combination of big-hearted soul and an even bigger middle finger gave this song exactly what it wanted. Having the legendary Delbert McClinton join Heidi was better than having the cherry on top — more like the spicy BBQ sauce: the perfect combination and flavor."

Newfield and McClinton's duet begins with a killer harmonic solo from Newfield (the only woman endorsed by the Hohner harmonica brand). That lick, Newfield tells The Boot "is the first lick I ever learned as a child." She adds, "It just makes everyone move and sing along EVERY TIME. The groove and grit is palpable."

"This song embodies the raw, rockin', blues and soul factor on this new record," Newfield continues. "Delbert is funkier than ever on here, and what an honor to share this duet with him."

Newfield's new album, The Barfly Sessions, will be her sophomore project as a solo artist. She released three albums and charted eight singles with Trick Pony prior to releasing her first solo record, What Am I Waiting For, in 2008. That disc's lead single, "Johnny & June," reached the Top 15 (No. 11) on the country charts.

“No one was telling me what to do,” Newfield says of her new album. “No one put me in a box. Anyone asking me, what is the new music like? Ummmm, it’s like me!”

Among The Barfly Sessions 14 songs (12 of which Newfield wrote) are special guests including McClinton, Randy Houser, Jim Lauderdale, Chris Stapleton, Mickey Raphael and more. Newfield co-produced the project with Jim "Moose" Brown, who admits he "really had no clue as to the depth of her musicianship, songwriting and general badassery until now."

The Barfly Sessions is due out on June 5. Fans can keep up with Newfield at HeidiNewfieldMusic.com

Listen to Heidi Newfield's "The Blues Is My Business"

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