Heidi Feek may be a relative newcomer to the country music scene, but as the daughter of country’s Joey+Rory, she’s no stranger to the industry.

“Dad used to play the bars trying to make it in town,” she recalls in a press release. “I have many, many memories of sitting at honky tonks until very late at night, eating cherries with my sister and singing along to Dwight Yoakam songs he would play. I actually got my start as a performer getting up during those gigs and singing an old Bobby Bare song called 'Daddy What If.’”

Feek’s 2010 EP, ‘Eden,’ was a mix of angsty lyrics and pop and Americana melodies. On her debut full-length album, ‘The Only,’ Feek is sticking to her roots.

“I found myself being drawn back to the music my dad would play for me growing up: a mixture of Elvis, Steve Earle, Chris Isaak and Dwight Yoakam,” she says. “That’s when I stumbled upon Chris Isaak’s ‘Forever Blue’ and it really rocked my world."

She adds, “After listening to that, it was like a musical light bulb turned on in my head... My new album just feels more personal in that way, like an homage to everything that inspired me as a kid and still inspires me as an adult.”

The album is an 11-song project that relies heavily on Feek’s storytelling abilities. Each track holds its own individual storyline.

“I always love a good story,” she says. “Whether it’s in a song, book, movie or poem… I soak it all up.”

‘The Only’ is set for release on Oct. 8th from Western Pin-Up Records. For more information, click here.