Atlanta-based folk duo Heart Hunters are premiering their song "Angels" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Husband and wife Drew de Man and Brianna Blackbird wrote "Angels" -- described by the pair as a "hymn for a broken country" -- in the aftermath of a particularly difficult tour, one that kicked off just before the 2016 presidential election. "We played some great shows, but at gas pump after gas pump, we found ourselves questioning the whole endeavor of touring endlessly," de Man tells The Boot. "A cross-country odyssey during an election year ... We passed through the Dakotas just as Standing Rock was beginning to heat up."

"The lesson was that we don't have the luxury of long road trips or tours if what that means is environmental degradation and social inequality," he adds. "The last verse [of this song] includes some references to the ideas of a truly revolutionary Jesus. We have to learn to serve each other, to care for our planet and make sure people have access to housing."

In "Angels," de Man and Blackbird address some heavy issues: dismantling the prison industrial complex, climate change and refugees. Outside of its broader political implications, "Angels" is also a simple ode to the rough road that cross-country touring can be for Heart Hunters, ranging from "sparsely attended" shows in Austin, Texas, to homeschooling their children out on the open highway. Blackbird's harmonies lift those arguably sad lyrics, while de Man drives the melody forward.

"Angels" appears on Heart Hunters' forthcoming album, American Eclipse, set for release on July 20; it was produced by Peter Case. Visit Heart Hunters' official website for more details.

Listen to Heart Hunters' "Angels"

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