Old Crow Medicine ShowSara Evans, Muscadine Bloodline, and more all have new music out this week. Read on to hear it! 

Old Crow Medicine Show, "Flicker & Shine"

Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Flicker & Shine” is a rollicking, manic tune, as hardcore Appalachian bluegrass as they come. Fiddle driven with frantic speed, the stomped-out lyrics run like a high-octane square-dance caller: “Well, I've been all around this world / Young and running wild / I've played with the fire that burns / And I'll live on the highway until I die / I'm living on borrowed time / Right up to the end of the line / But every light that flickers and shines / Will come together in the glory time.” The rest of the band joins in on the chorus for a hand-clapping, heel-stomping sing-a-long in true OCMS style: “All together / We fall together / We ride together / We wild together / Yes, all together / We fall together / Every little light will flicker and shine.” Written by OCMS frontman Ketch Secor and guitarist Kevin Hayes, the song is the first single off the band’s upcoming album, Volunteer, which is due out on April 20. -- LS

Kassi Ashton, "California, Missouri"

Kassi Ashton gets personal with her intimate single “California, Missouri.” Ashton tells it like it is in her new song, airing out her feelings about growing up in a small town where she didn't fit in. “This is the song I always knew I wanted to write. It's an intro in to everything I am," Ashton shares in a press release. “I want the people who live [in California, Mo.], to hear it and know that I love them, but I also want them to know how bad it hurt. I also want them to realize that the hurt and the beauty is what made me who I am completely.” -- CC

Sara Evans, "All the Love You Left Me"

Sara Evans’ new single is a love ballad packed with meaningful and vulnerable lyrics about a relationship that doesn't exist anymore, and the residual feelings that come along with that void. In “All the Love You Left Me,” Evans unpacks the emotions she has about being left alone with the love her man left behind when they broke up: "It’s here when I wake up every single morning / Follows me down the stairs / And the paper on the wall and the plaster on the ceiling / Every single drop of air that I’m breathing,” Evans sings. “What am I supposed to do? / What am I supposed to do with / All the love you left me?” “All the Love You Left Me” was written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordon Sampson and Ben West. -- CC

Muscadine Bloodline, "Movin' On"

Muscadine Bloodline -- Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster -- co-wrote their new single “Movin’ On” with some help from Cary Barlowe. The song is about hitting breakup milestones and leaving feelings for an ex behind; the tune’s vocal passion and guitar riffs propel the story, as the duo sings about the importance of not drinking alone or caring if their one-time lover is home when they drive by. “Movin’ On” will appear on Muscadine Bloodline’s upcoming release, as the title track. -- CC

Krystal Keith and Lance Carpenter, "Anyone Else"

Krystal Keith and labelmate Lance Carpenter’s “Anyone Else” is a sweeping, romantic anthem, written by Kelly Archer, Greg Bates and Emily Shackleton. Carpenter approached Keith about the song while the two were working on a songwriting project together: "I had been writing with Krystal and asked her if she'd put a vocal on it so I could see what it sounded like as a duet,” he recalls in a press release. “Her folks flipped out over it. I loved it." For her part, Keith adds that the duet worked surprisingly well: "Our jaws hit the floor," she remembers. "We knew we had something special." -- LS

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