A great part about living in Nashville is its small town vibe. Actress Hayden Panettiere is experiencing that first-hand while in town filming the ABC show named for Tennessee's capital city. The New York native has made friends with numerous local singers, including Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, Kelly Clarkson and Kellie Pickler. She is even neighbors with Taylor Swift, whom she's never had to ask to borrow a cup of sugar, but she has hit up for something a little more valuable.

"I went to go write a song with a friend of mine who is an amazing songwriter, Jessi Alexander, one night, and I freaked out because I didn't have a my guitar -- I'd left it in my trailer," Hayden explained on "Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night (Nov. 7). "I literally texted every one of those girls: 'Does anybody have a guitar?' Finally, Taylor Swift came through for me. Two of her security guards brought down this guitar ... I had to fill out a form. It was very intense."

As if the guitar itself wasn't cool enough, it also included something else that caught the "Nashville" star's eye. "I finally realized that there's this little case for guitar picks in it. I pulled it out, and they are so cool because they have the cover of her album on it. There were like 10 of them, and I kept thinking I wanted to steal one of them. I really wanted one, I was like, 'She's not going to notice.' Then I was like, 'This is totally a test. She's totally testing my friendship; she's going to count the picks!' So I put it back."

After all of that, how long was the 23-year-old star able to hold onto this borrowed beauty? "I still have it! I've adopted it," Hayden admitted. "I saw [Taylor] at the CMAs and I was like, "Hey, girl - good to see you! You know, I still have your guitar.' And she looked shocked. She was like, 'Oh. Oh, yeah?' I was like, 'Wait a second, two security guards and piece of paper later and you don't know that I have your $10,000 guitar?'"

Sounds like Taylor may never, ever, ever be getting that guitar back. See Hayden on "Nashville," Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM ET on ABC.

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