Harvest Thieves, a folk-rock band based in Austin, Texas, are revealing a new song, "Bob Dylan's 78th Hangover," and The Boot has the exclusive premiere.

The five-member band is fronted by Cory Reinisch, and this brand-new track is extremely personal to the singer: "Bob Dylan's 78th Hangover" recounts some of his darkest days struggling with addiction and mental illness and reflects the path that he took to arrive at healing.

“The song is about the need to feel out your way in life and recognize that your chosen path and fundamental boundaries are uniquely your own,” Reinisch admits. “I think we're morally obligated to figure these things out for ourselves, and if we don't accept that or make an effort to be aware and decide these things for ourselves, life can prove very difficult.”

The new tune is the opening track to Harvest Thieves' forthcoming record, Rival, which will drop on Jan. 8 on Holy Mountain Sounds. Though its subject matter was borne from dark times, the song itself is upbeat and easy to get hooked into -- and the harmonies that the band incorporates throughout are pure magic.

Fans can keep up with Harvest Thieves through their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Listen to Harvest Thieves, "Bob Dylan's 78th Hangover":