Hardy isn't shy about his diverse musical upbringing: The songwriter-turned-country star grew up listening to more hard rock than country, and he counts folk and Americana giant John Prine among his favorite songwriters. The playlist of tracks that inspire him, therefore, reflects a variety of genres and musical styles, placing contemporaries and friends -- Devin Dawson, for example -- alongside iconic rock acts, such as Pink Floyd.

This collection includes both new and old influences: For example, Hardy's relationship with Pearl Jam's "Alive" dates all the way back to his early childhood.

"[It's] one of the first song I ever remember hearing. Ever," he recalls. "In 1994 sometime, my dad put in a cassette tape and said, 'Listen to this. It's a band called Pearl Jam' -- the rest is history."

Elsewhere on his playlist, Hardy tips his hat to a more recent favorite tune: "Middle Fingers" by pop-rock duo Missio.

"I first heard this song on a boat while cobia fishing with some of my friends a couple years ago. I was like, 'Who the hell sings this? It's awesome!'" Hardy remembers. "I love the simple melodies, lyrics and the 'don't give AF' attitude it has."

Rock, Southern rock and even a dash of rap are represented on the playlist, but one of the only decidedly country tunes included is Eric Church's "Homeboy." That song, Hardy relates, helped guide him towards making his own kind of country music.

"[It's] one of my all-time favorite country songs, and the first song I ever heard that gave me chills," he explains. "It's somewhat personal to me because of a situation I was in at the time, but it also rocks so hard. It truly inspired me to write country music that just rocks."

Press play below to listen to these tracks and many more, personally curated by Hardy for readers of The Boot.

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