Nashville artist Hannah Juanita embraces her "trashy woman" side in her new music video for "Our Love Is Done," the lead single from her debut album coming later this year. It's a song about knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em in a relationship, where the narrator is doing most of the upkeep -- and then not crawling back again.

In Juanita's new video, directed by Michelle Kowalski, the artist and her friends --  including musicians Sierra Ferrell, Bekah Ray Cope, Chelsea Lovitt and Josephine Michener, among others -- let loose during a backyard party. Just outside of a trailer, they don lingerie, cowboy boots and beer cans as hair curlers to mend their broken hearts by chain-smoking, shotgunning beers, partying in a homemade hot tub and, by the end, two-stepping their troubles away. Press play above to watch.

"I try to work with other women as much as I can, and I thought that having a lot of women in my music video would be fun to make and fun to watch," Juanita tells The Boot via email. "It’s a little bit of a sassy song. The whole idea is that all the girls are complaining and trash-talking their ex, like the sentiment of the song. We’re commiserating together, having fun, and moving on ... and getting drunk."

Juanita is a honky-tonk angel at heart with a millennial adaptation of the classic farewell song in "Our Love Is Done." The song itself features twinkling pedal steel, lustrous fiddle and a classic Nashville Sound guitar tone. Juanita's lyrics and style are certainly an ode to artists such as Loretta Lynn, but her specific style of inflection and rich, resonant voice make her stand out.

Keep up with Juanita's goings-on via her official Facebook page.

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