Savannah, Ga., native Hannah Dasher has a creative streak that extends far beyond music: The University of Georgia graduate has a TikTok cooking series, for example. She was never much of a bookworm, but as a child, she'd read albums' liner notes front to back, absorbing lyrics sans melodies, as though they were poems.

"A lot of the songs I love, or the lyrics that I love, are conversational. Lines need to be cool and sexy," says Dasher, who aims for that standard with her single "Left Right," an upbeat, twangy warning that if an engagement doesn't come soon, a breakup will.

Dasher co-wrote "Left Right" with Wynn Varble and her producer, Brandon Hood. Below, she shares the story behind the song, in her own words.

It's one of those Heaven-sent kind of songs ... Brandon Hood had the title "Left Right," and I was like, "Oooh!" And all of a sudden, the first line of the chorus and the last line of the chorus just fell out of the sky ...

I had no idea what it meant, but I was vibing on it ... I was trying to channel some Roger Miller, because he just had such a way with words ... [Brandon] was like, "Oh, oh, oh! Let's write it!" And Wynn Varble is a co-writer on it as well, and he was on board ... The chorus just wrote itself.

You've got the songs that you work for ... and then you've got the ones that [just come out] ... The lyrics just came right along with the melody; I just regurgitated what I was catching out of the sky.

When they fall out of the sky ... you don't have to work as hard for those. I think you just -- for me, personally, I just have allow myself to be the creative vessel through which it flows, and I just have to catch it.

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