"So, I've been itching to tell you all - I GOT ENGAGED!" Edens Edge lead singer Hannah Blaylock writes on the band's official website. "Justin, my sweet love of three years, proposed to me at sunset on Seacrest Beach, FL while we were taking a vacation with our dearest friends. I can't wait to tell you all about it!"

The enthusiastic bride-to-be offered fans a play-by-play of the proposal, including a bevy of beautiful beach side engagement photos. Despite her excitement, Hannah assures fans that her road duties are her top priority for now.

"As far as future weddings plans? Pshhhh Lord, I have no idea!" admits the singer. "I'm more interested right now in going out on the road to meet and see all you guys! Justin and I are really enjoying being engaged, so I'm not in a big rush to start planning much. But maybe when I do, you guys can help me make the million and one decisions that you have to make for this stuff!"

The 'Amen' singers recently wrapped their opening entertainment duties on Reba McEntire's All the Women I Am tour. Hannah and bandmates Cherrill Green and Dean Berner will hit the road on Lady Antebellum's Own the Night tour starting tomorrow (Oct. 25), with dates scheduled through mid-December. Click here for Edens Edge's tour schedule.

Watch an exclusive video diary from Hannah below, followed by Edens Edge's 'Amen' video.

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