Singer-songwriter Hannah Bethel is giving The Boot's readers an early listen to her new single "The House Is on Fire." Press play below to listen to the slow-burning, melancholy song.

According to Bethel, "The House Is on Fire" is a classic breakup song, inspired by one of her own relationships that ended due to, as she describes it, "irreconcilable spiritual differences." Bethel explores those differences in the song's introduction, taking a little inspiration from classic hymns, biblical imagery and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

"David plays to please the Lord, and I ain't worth the fightin' for, 'cause I wasn't made for Sunday morning church," Bethel sings. "I could fly on angel's wings, and that boy still won't say a thing / And I don't think I can make this work."

Some of the lyrics of "The House Is on Fire," especially those in the chorus, started to come to Bethel in the moments after her relationship dissolved. "It was the saddest thing I have ever experienced. Some lines from the chorus popped into my head first, and then I heard the guitar melody and the first line of the song," she tells The Boot. "The rest fell into place slowly over about nine months.

"I never tried to write this song," Bethel adds, "but every time I felt compelled to visit it, another line or melody would come through until it was finally done."

Born in Wisconsin and raised in large part in Michigan, Bethel started her music career in the Midwest before moving to Nashville a few years ago. She counts Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and Willie Nelson among her influences, and has shared the stage with artists ranging from the Beach Boys to Trisha Yearwood. She's also a member of Music City's Song Suffragettes, a songwriter and artist collective comprised of some of Nashville's most talented female artists.

"The House Is on Fire" is set for official release on Friday (Oct. 18). Visit to learn more about the artist.

Listen to Hannah Bethel's "The House Is on Fire"

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