For September 2017's second Guest Room Sessions installment, the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers are sharing a stripped-down version of their song “Something to Hold.” Readers can press play above to watch.

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers' venue of choice for their Guest Room Sessions video offers its own unique vibe, both sonically and aesthetically. They recorded the clip in an old camping trailer -- complete with the band’s bass player, Kevin Collins, stowed away in a bunk bed.

“It was a tight space where we could hear each other well, and trailers sort of say 'Americana' themselves,” Eagle Rock Gospel Singers frontman Will Wadsworth tells The Boot. “They're kind of symbolic in that they represent a bit of the American spirit that says, 'We can do this living on the road.' That's the vibe that we chase after on tour.”

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers are a California-based Americana / gospel band. They first got together in 2010, and the group features a rotating cast of members.

“The people featured in this video are the core touring members of the band that are playing together on the road this summer,” Wadsworth explains. “It was important to us to show the viewers who we are [and] what we sound like together in this lineup.”

Fans can catch the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers out on the road this fall, including a stop in Shell Lake, Wis., on Sept. 23. Visit for full details.

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