The Boot is happy to introduce Stewart Eastham, who performs one of his new songs for May's edition of the Guest Room Sessions.

Eastham, raised in Northern California, is now a Nashville resident, and he will be releasing a new album, Dancers in the Mansion, soon. In the meantime, he's bringing "In the Morning," the first song from that forthcoming record, to The Boot's readers, and for this version, he includes his friend and drummer Trevor Silva.

"On the record, this song has a big arrangement with horns, background singers and a wall of guitars, so I thought it would be fun to strip it back down to an acoustic arrangement," Eastham tells The Boot.

Eastham's girlfriend shot the above video in the basement of the artist's East Nashville house -- and as it turns out, it was the perfect location.

"I have been talking about shooting something down there for ages, and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go," the singer notes. "There’s a section of the basement that has a little ledge that almost looks like a mini-stage."

Eastham describes Silva as "a great dude and a great drummer." He currently plays with the Stevie Monce Band and also has a non-profit organization called Ride for Rex involving rescue animals, scooters and live music.

"Trevor is an expert at creating complex percussion sounds with very limited gear, so I thought he’d be great on this song," says Eastham. "Since this song has a jazzy flavor to it, he used brushes on the snare and attached a small tambourine to his left foot. We felt the arrangement still needed some low-end, so we built a makeshift kick-drum using an old suitcase we found in the basement."

The result, which readers can watch above, gives fans a small glimpse of what's to come on Eastham's upcoming record.

For the most up-to-date news on this talented singer-songwriter, visit his official website.

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