In this newest installment of the Guest Room Sessions, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Levi Petree is performing his song “Do What You Want” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Readers can press play above to watch.

For February's Guest Room Sessions clip, Petree is joined by his friend Reneice Edwards. Petree tells The Boot that he chose "Do What You Want" because of its "bouncy energy and drive."

"I'd also always wondered what it would sound like as a duet. I'd love to hear a woman cover it someday — is Beyonce reading right now?” Petree jokes. “I asked my friend Reneice to join me because we'd been wanting to do something together for a while. We've got a playful banter in our relationship, and I thought that chemistry would be good for the video.”

Petree's original plan was to film his Guest Room Sessions video in a cramped elevator, taking advantage of any unsuspecting neighbors who called for the elevator as extras; however, he switched things up at the last minute.

“I walked past the trash chute [in my apartment building] and thought, 'What better place for a song about taking out your emotional garbage?'" Petree explains. “We left a note on the door saying people could leave their rubbish in front of my apartment and I'd throw it out when we were done. Only one neighbor took us up on the offer ... rubbish.”

“Do What You Want” appears on Petree’s forthcoming album, It’s Country, set for release on March 3.

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