In May's installment of The Boot's Guest Room Sessions, folk singer-songwriter Kelly Augustine is performing her song "Can't Get Enough" alongside special guest guitarist Danny Burton. Press play above to watch.

Augustine and Burton filmed their performance of "Can't Get Enough" in front of the shelves at Augustine's local library. They chose the setting specifically to evoke a feeling of peacefulness, which is an important part of Augustine's process as an artist.

"One of my biggest challenges as a songwriter is creating the necessary space to observe and write," Augustine explains to The Boot. "I've always said you can't be a writer without first being an observer. I have to create the space to observe the world around me and allow those observations to propel me toward what I'm supposed to write about."

As for "Can't Get Enough," Augustine says it's a song about longing -- and that's something that pretty much anyone can relate to.

An Oklahoma native, Augustine takes inspiration from the iconic Vietnam-era folk tunes she listened to growing up, pairing them with traditional Americana sonic elements. "Can't Get Enough" appears on her debut album, Light in the Lowlands, released on April 5. Burton plays guitar on the project.

"It wouldn't be the record it is without him," Augustine says. "It's always more fun and satisfying hearing my tunes when he's there playing with me."

Fans can keep up with Augustine on her website.

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