For February's second installment of The Boot's Guest Room Sessions series, singer-songwriter JD Eicher performs a cover with the artist who wrote the song. Readers can press play above to watch Eicher and Kiernan McMullan sing "What's for You Won't Go Past You."

Written by McMullan, who appears with Eicher in the video, "What's for You Won't Go Past You" is named for an old saying about fate and what's meant to be. "Life ain't always what you thought it would be / So excuse me while I enjoy the fantasy," the two sing, echoing the sentiment of the song's inspiration.

"Kiernan was out on tour with me for some dates, and I just really fell in love with this song," Eicher tells The Boot. "It's subtle in all the right ways, and I found myself singing it a lot while we were doing shows together. He's a talented guy, and I think more folks should hear him!"

To record this Guest Room Sessions video, Eicher and McMullan headed to Fountain Square Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Ind. Eicher has played shows in the space a couple of times; he calls both the brewery's beer and people "top notch."

"After our show there," he recalls, "we had a beer, did a practice run, and then shot this go."

Eicher is currently out on the road. He recently performed alongside Tony Lucca during Lucca's Nashville residency at the Local, and is set to head to Germany and Austria in March. Fans can keep with Eicher via his website,

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