Ellen Starski's Guest Room Sessions performance of her song "Honey I'm Not Him" is simple, allowing the song's haunting lyrics to shine through. Readers can press play above to watch the singer-songwriter's performance.

"Honey I'm Not Him" is a warning to any woman who might consider breaking up a happy home. Starski admits she's "known many ladies" who have been in that position and "had to protect their homes."

"[I] wanted to shine a spotlight on that strength and commitment," adds Starski, who is joined for this performance by her husband Shawn on guitar, as well as daughter Marè "and the sweet songs of a few native birds" on harmonies. The husband and wife's chemistry and intimacy is evident in their performance.

"Shawn and I have been writing music together for years now, and he's toured the world as a professional musician," Starski shares. "Singing with him brings me an incredible amount of comfort, and his support is immeasurable."

Starski chose the United Methodist Church in Liberty, Tenn., as the backdrop for this video. She'd wanted to record the clip inside a church, but that "proved to be near impossible.

"After a conversation with a dear friend, she described this little church in the town she grew up in, and a couple days later, we were set up to record. We even had some residents sit out on their front porches for the 'show,'" she says. "We found ourselves the perfect 'lily white church,' just like in the lyrics."

"Honey I'm Not Him" appears on Starski's most recent album, The Days When Peonies Prayed for the Ants. She released that project in May.

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