Folk-pop duo Big Little Lions took the name of their song "Against the Wall" to heart for their Guest Room Sessions performance. Helen Austin and Paul Otten are literally up against a wall in the clip, which readers can watch above.

The wall featured in Big Little Lions' video isn't just any old wall, either: It's in the Nashville home of Linda McRae, a singer-songwriter, former member of Canadian folk band Spirit of the West and British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame inductee. Austin and Otten were staying with McRae when they got the idea for the clip.

"[McRae's house] is full of really cool and quirky stuff," Austin tells The Boot. "After one of us said that we should record a video against [her frying pan] wall, "Against the Wall" seemed like an obvious song to choose ... We could have shot so many more videos in that house!"

Both Austin and Otten had found success as composers of music for TV, commercials and movies before forming Big Little Lions in 2014, after meeting while serving as panelists at a conference in Los Angeles, Calif. They've released two EPs and three full-length albums in the few years since, including their newest record, Alive and Well, which dropped in February.

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