Gretchen Wilson played Cupid for one of her fans this Valentine's Day -- and it was televised to the whole nation. The singer metaphorically shot the arrow through the two love birds' hearts when she appeared on the CBS show 'The Talk.' The producers of the show had flown a number of Gretchen's fans to Los Angeles so they could attend the show and watch their idol in action. She also performed her Grammy-nominated hit, 'I'd Love to Be Your Last.'

In fact, it was after the performance that Gretchen invited one of her fans, Sally, to join her on stage as she answered a few few questions about her Valentine's Day plans. Sally was startled to be on camera but even more shocked when her boyfriend appeared, dropped to one knee and proposed. Through tears, she answered with a resounding, "Yes!" Watch video of the proposal below.

Even fans who didn't have Gretchen help them declare their love received some of her advice on how to make a relationship last.

"When you meet that special somebody, don't spend so much time worrying about what they did before they met you," she said. "Just focus about from that moment on."

Gretchen made the appearance one day after she attended the Grammy Awards. Although 'I'd Love to Be Your Last" didn't win her a Grammy for Best Country Song (the honor went to Lady Antebellum for 'Need You Now') or Best Country Female Vocal Performance (won by Miranda Lambert for 'The House That Built Me'), Gretchen still radiated excitement about the nominations.

"I felt to be asked to be there and being nominated and to be a part of the entire thing ... I felt like we had already won," she said.

Gretchen is on tour. Her next scheduled concert is February 18 in Mahnomen, Minn. For more information about her upcoming shows, click here.