Gretchen Wilson sure knows how to make a New Year's resolution. Do it in front of a crowd of more than 1,000, so they hold you accountable! Fans who caught Gretchen's New Year's Eve show in Rosenberg, Texas, listened as she pledged to quit smoking, and then promptly lit -- and enjoyed -- what she insisted would be her last cigarette. After the concert, Gretchen tossed out her remaining cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and other reminders of her long-time habit.

"I figured if I said it from stage in front of my fans, I'd stick to it. And so far I have," says the singer. Gretchen's back-up vocalist, singer/songwriter Bekka Bramlett (pictured above with Gretchen), was also on hand to witness the event as the Redneck Woman entered 2011 cigarette-free.

Gretchen certainly has her work cut out for her. Many people who quit smoking, after all, will eat more junk food to satisfy their cravings -- something the songbird confesses she tends to do anyway, along with another late-night habit.

"I've got a sweet tooth," Gretchen tells The Boot. "I'm a dough-girl. I like anything bread -- donuts, cakes, pastries. And then I eat at night. I take all my food to bed with me. People are like, 'You must work out!' And I'm like, 'Arrrrgh, while I'm watching 'Forensic Files' and 'American Justice.'' That's another thing I do. I watch all those crazy shows on the Investigation Channels ... there's like five of those channels, so I'm just constantly watching that crap!"

Good luck, Gretchen! We have a feeling you'll do a great job kicking butts.

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