New York City-based singer-songwriter Greg Adams is giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to his new single, "Pony Up."

"Pony Up" is a mid-tempo song, but Adams' laid-back vocals and catchy chorus set it apart. The self-taught guitarist sweetly sings about a girl he's met, inviting her for one more round and a relaxed night of rolling around in his Chevy truck. Press play below to hear the track.

"So pony up, let the fun begin / We got time for one more round," Adams sings. "Oh hey, girl, where you going? / The night is young / There's no need to rush." 

The tune comes off of Adams' forthcoming EP, All or Nothing, due out in September. The project was recorded and produced at Riverworks Recording Studio in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., as well as at Low Watt Recording Studio in Savannah, Ga. Adams has already released another single from the EP, "My Light."

"I love songs that tell stories,” Adams explains. "Especially where the instrumentation and arrangements are in sync with the song’s message [so it] becomes the complete package. That’s a level of craft that I aspire to attain.”

The singer-songwriter has several upcoming shows scheduled to help promote his project, including on July 14 and Aug. 23 at SideWalk Cafe in New York City and on Aug. 7 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. More information is available on Adams' website.

Listen to Greg Adams, "Pony Up"

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