Greensky Bluegrass' most recent studio album, All for Money, is a reflection of the bluegrass and jam band's live concert persona and varied stylistic influences. The way the bandmates write is typically collaborative and improvisational, and their songs are seldom finished until after they've taken them on the road.

One of the group's most recent tracks, "It's Not Mine Anymore," is a prime example of how teamwork helps Greesky Bluegrass make a fuller, more well-rounded song. Read on to hear band member Dave Bruzza recall how the song came to be written, and why he felt inspired to write a political song. 

Usually when I write a song, I have a partner I work with called Aaron Allen. We get a song and an idea together, and then I bring it to the band, and we arrange it as a band, to see what works best. We go through a lot of experimentation to see what sounds good where. Sometimes the idea's a little bit more formulated, and I have a little bit more of a direction ... but for the most part, we're getting everybody's input and creating it together.

["It's Not Mine Anymore"] is probably the closest thing to a political [song] I've ever done. And I have to give Aaron a lot of credit for the lyrics, because quite honestly, I gave him the phrase "It's not mine anymore," and he came back with about 30 verses. It was shortly after the presidential election a couple of years ago, and I don't try to be political, but this is ridiculous. I'm angry, and I think other people are [too].