Americana enthusiasts, take note: Roots-y, folk-y four-piece band Gravel Kings are premiering the music video for their brand-new song “You Were Loved” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

“Every single verse still feels the same / I’ve been waiting years for that to change,” sings frontman Zack Jones in the song's chorus. “When your heart gives out, and I am gone / I hope you remember that you were loved.”

"You Were Loved" has a cheery sensibility and infectious exuberance -- but that grew from a dark past: Early in his life, Jones suffered from depression and stress so intense that it induced a heart attack. In joining with his bandmates -- Joseph Johnson, Douglas French and Aaron Teems -- to form the Gravel Kings, he found the only kind of therapy that ever worked for him.

“I was in a dark place when that happened. I felt like I had already lost so much, and when I ended up in the hospital, I had to make a choice; I had to have a plan to get out. That plan included my bandmates and nobody else,” Jones tells The Boot. “These guys are my best friends, and following the heart attack, I had to, and still, deal with severe panic attacks. I've tried everything ... The only thing that made me happy was being anywhere with them, playing music. I think we all feel that way: Music helps us fight our demons."

“You Were Loved” appears on Lure., the Gravel Kings' forthcoming EP, set for release on Sept. 9.

Lure. is morbid and honest about what myself and the band has gone through since our last release,” Jones says. “It shows our growth as musicians and as real people going through real problems. Love, loss, death and near-death experience is the theme of the EP, and if you listen to the words and the music, you'll find all of that.”

Readers can watch the Gravel Kings' "You Were Loved" video above, and pre-order Lure. on iTunes or Google Play. The band's official website holds more information about the group, including upcoming tour dates.