Grab a box of tissues -- maybe two -- because Glen Campbell's new music video for 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You' is deeply moving and emotional.

The 78-year-old singer is in the late stages of Alzheimer's, but that isn't stopping him from continually inspiring his legions of fans. The song, released Sept. 30, was co-penned by Campbell and recorded in 2013. It is the last song he recorded, so this music video holds an extra-special place in the star's career.

The 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You' music video gives viewers intimate flashbacks into the highlights of Campbell's career and family life. Footage of great moments onstage, Campbell playing with his kids, the birth of a grandchild and much more are shown, as well as other more sad moments, such as time in the hospital and brain scans. It's a video that visually displays the depth of Campbell's decorated career, love for his family and deep affection for his wife since 1982, Kim Woollen.

Campbell was moved to residential care in April, after it was decided he needed 24-hour care and supervision due to the progression of his disease. But his wife Kim says that although he has a hard time communicating, he is happy and content. In fact, sometimes, he can even play his beloved guitar, as shown in a video from 'Today.'

"It comes and goes. Some days, he gives us a big surprise," Woollen says of Campbell's guitar playing. "He's still Glen Campbell, and he still loves and feels and expresses joy and sadness. He really made himself vulnerable because he wanted to make a difference."

Campbell's highly anticipated documentary, 'Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me,' will hit theaters Oct. 24. It premiered at film festivals in early April.

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