Gene Watson's 33rd studio album, Real. Country. Music. is set for release on Friday (Feb. 26), but in advance of the project's debut, the singer has released "Enough for You" as its first single. In this exclusive video, Watson shares the backstory behind his recording of the tune.

Watson, whose career spans five decades, has kept "Enough for You" in his back pocket for quite some time. In the clip, he reveals that he heard the Kris Kristofferson-penned tune for the first time in 1980, on an album by Billie Jo Spears.

"I thought it was one of the greatest songs I had heard for that time," Watson recalls.

Though he wanted to record "Enough for You" right from that moment, Watson didn't feel that the time was right. Spears had recently released the song, and he didn't want too much overlap. So, he waited.

However, the lyrics of "Enough for You" proved difficult to obtain.

"The only copy I had ... was on an eight-track tape," Watson explains. "And it switched tapes right in the middle of some of the critical lyrics."

Thankfully, the artist tracked down the words, and now, "Enough for You" has its place on his forthcoming record. Its lyrics are piercing and painful: "I hope, some day, somebody somewhere loves you like I do / It's just a shame to know I'm not enough for you."

Real. Country. Music. features 13 songs, including "Enough for You." The project is a blend of traditional, organic country, as listeners might expected based on its title.

"These are songs that still have fiddle, steel guitar and, quite honestly, soul,” Watson says. “I’m not one to bash what those younger artists are doing, but I can tell you a lot of what you hear nowadays isn’t country. This is Real. Country. Music.

Real. Country. Music. is available for pre-order now.

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