Gary LeVox is certainly moved by 'She's Going Places,' the tribute song to murdered Florida toddler Caylee Anthony, but he does want to clarify that he had very little to do with it in its current form. The Rascall Flatts frontman penned a variation of the song with country comedian/radio host Cledus T. Judd and Jimmy Yeary but was not involved in the re-working of the lyrics when his co-writers decided to make it a tribute to the child.

"Cledus, myself and Jimmy wrote a song called 'He's Going Places.' It had been lying around, and we thought it was a good song and we were just waiting for a home for it," Gary explains to Country Weekly.

Once the verdict was reached in Caylee's accused mother, Casey Anthony's trial, Cledus felt the song should be re-written to pay homage to the little girl and to help take the focus off of the legal mayhem and back on the tragedy. "Cledus sent me a text asking if he could rewrite the song for Caylee. He and some other [songwriter] rewrote the lyrics," Gary continues. "[They] tweaked it and changed some lines. I was on a boat fishing in Lake Erie, and my phone had blown up and I guess it was on [CNN's] 'Nancy Grace.' I think it was a Cledus T. Judd thing. They took our song and tweaked it, and it became this."

Although Gary didn't take part in the re-write, he expressed his support for Cledus and the effect his song has had on listeners.

"As an artist and as a songwriter, you try to write songs that touch people's lives and affect them in certain ways, so for whoever that song has helped, great. It came from his [Cledus'] heart, and he felt like that's what he needed to do, so hats off to him," Gary says.

The writers are donating their royalties from 'She's Going Places' to PROTECT.ORG, a joint website for the PROTECT organization and the National Association to Protect Children. Click here to learn more about PROTECT.ORG.

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