Gary Allan is sharing new tunes with fans in the New Year. His sixth studio album, Set You Free, is due out Jan. 22. "That's the flavor of every song on there -- the whole album has hope," the country star tells The Boot, explaining the significance of the title. "It was timely for me, as well ... I've been waiting a long time to get back on the radio."

The 12-track project features five songs co-written by the California native, including his current single, "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)." Fans will recognize a few other names on the album's writing credits, as well, including Sarah Buxton, who co-wrote "Pieces," and Josh Thompson, who co-wrote "Tough Goodbye." See the full Set You Free track list below.

The singer-songwriter took a new approach to make sure that the album is stellar from start to finish: having more cooks in the kitchen. Four people have producer credit: Gary, Greg Droman, Mark Wright and Jay Joyce.

"I've always done albums with one guy, and you pick 10 or 12 songs and the result is you end up with a lot of album cuts because you do it all at the same time," Gary explains. "It's OK if you have ten songs and one of them isn't that great, or two of them you think would be good to hear later, but when I'm doing four and you're doing four and he's doing four, everybody wants to make sure that their four are good. The result is we've got better songs, because everybody wanted their four to be strong and it was more competitive."

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Set You Free Track List:

1. "Tough Goodbye"

2. "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)"

3. "Bones"

4. "It Ain't The Whiskey"

5. "Sand In My Soul"

6. "You Without Me"

7. "One More Time"

8. "Hungover Heart"

9. "No Worries"

10. "Drop"

11. "Pieces"

12. "Good As New"

Watch Gary's 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)' Video