Gary Allan's last album, 'Set You Free' was released last year, but it sounds like an appropriate title for his upcoming album as well. The singer is working on a new project, where he says he will finally call the shots.

"I’m gonna do the tracks that I want," Allan insists. "Last time, I let Jay [Joyce] pick what he wanted, and then I let Mark [Wright] pick what he wanted, then I took the [leftovers]. I think I’ll probably cut what I want this time."

Not that the 46-year-old plans on doing everything by himself. Allan says he'll still call on his former producers if he feels like he needs their help.

"Guys that I work with like Mark, he’s great at strings and making things big, so if I need that, I feel like I’ll go to him," he adds. "If I feel like something needs more funk than I can give it, then I’ll go to Jay. But I think I’d have to feel like I need one of them.”

Regardless of what songs Allan puts on his new record, he says one thing he won't do is worry about whether he is pleasing others.

“I am so anti-people’s opinions when I’m making a record, but when it’s finished and I put it out there, I hope somebody likes it," he tells The Boot. "I never watch the charts; it’s something I can’t control and it drives me batty."

Allan won't have much time to work on his new album over the next few months. The California native will be busy crossing the country performing, including a stop at Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, Wis. Thursday night (July 24). See all of his upcoming shows here.