Garth Brooks wrapped up the first leg of his World Tour with three shows in New Orleans, La., in mid-July, and when he kicks the trek off again in September, with seven shows in Dallas, Texas, there will be a few changes.

After being on the road since last September, Brooks and his crew are spending the time between his New Orleans concerts and his Dallas ones re-designing pieces of the show.

"We have taken a lot of looks at what's working, got rid of things that weren't, and we're coming out with a brand-new look," Brooks tells 102.3 Blake FM. "We're gonna re-design the whole video world, the wings of the stage are a little different, and the setlist is kind of ... it's starting to fall into the sweet spot."

The country legend says that he's excited to freshen up his World Tour's look and feel.

"We're bringing a whole new look," Brooks explains. "If anybody came out to Tulsa, went down to Houston, over to New Orleans, whatever, this is gonna be a different look than what they saw."

After spending so much time playing the hits, some artists may begin to tire of some of their fan-favorite songs, but Brooks says that he has the opposite problem when putting together his setlists.

"My problem is, I don't have enough time to play all the songs that I want to play, you know? That's the problem," he says. "And I gotta tell ya, I'm so lucky to have been under the raising of Alan Reynolds, the producer whose goal -- when we started, he said, 'My goal is to have you sing a song 25 years later that you're still in love with,' and he did a great job of picking those songs."

Brooks' comeback tour has been a massive success, selling out shows across the nation and setting records as he crisscrosses from state to state. The singer says that he still can't believe that people pay money to come out and see him perform.

"Miss [Trisha] Yearwood, she'll tell me -- she'd ask before we'd go on, 'Why do you get so nervous?' She goes, 'You're, like, nervous,' and I said, 'Because I don't know why it happened,'" Brooks explains. "I don't have a clue why these people go through hell all day trying to get all this stuff done and then find time to come sing with us at night and pay that kind of money and spend that kind of time and do those lines to get in.

"I have no idea why they do it, so if you don't have any idea why they do it, you don't know if it's going to happen again," he continues. "I'm always nervous, but, man, if you can hear them start to sing by the first or second song of the concert, then you know you're in for a party, and it's just going to be great."

More information about Brooks' World Tour, including an updated list of dates as they are announced, is available here.

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