Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks received stars on the Music City Walk of Fame on Thursday (Sept. 10), at a special ceremony in Nashville.

"Since the first induction ceremony, Music City has celebrated a very diverse group of artists, from Reba [McEntire] to Little Richard, from the Fisk Jubilee Singers to the Kings of Leon," radio host Bill Cody said during the event. "We've celebrated singers, songwriters, producers, conductors, business executives and musicians.

"Each of these individuals have one thing in common," he continued. "They each had a creative impact on Music City and our musical heritage. Today's honorees are certainly no exception. Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks, their careers and accomplishments, their contributions, have been immeasurable to our city."

Yearwood was introduced by her longtime manager, Ken Levitan, who listed her many accomplishments, including her numerous CMA and ACM Awards, as well as three Grammys, along with three best-selling cookbooks and an Emmy Award for her cooking show, Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

"Stunning, timeless, one of the finest interpretive singers ever, Nashville's uber-vocalist -- these are all words that have been used to describe our first nominee. I cannot think of anyone more befitting of receiving a star on the Music City Walk of Fame than Trisha," Levitan said. "Trisha's quick to give back to the city she loves so much, as well as giving a tremendous amount of her time to other things, like Habitat for Humanity and Susan G. Komen. Trisha set the bar high a long time ago and continues to maintain that in everything she does."

Said Yearwood after taking the stage, "It's very surreal to have gone from moving here, driving down the streets of 16th and 17th Avenue, being a tour guide [at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum] and watching everybody else do what I desperately wanted to do, to standing here, holding this plaque. It's very emotional. I see a lot of faces that I love.

"There is something very, very special about this city," she added. "I'm a Georgia girl, always, but I've always said, I've never lived any other place that felt like home, and Nashville feels like home. I just can't thank you enough for everybody coming out and being a part of this historic day. If you want to catch a glimpse of me, I'm probably going to be down here, standing on this star about once a week, just to make sure it's still here."

Retiring Nashville Mayor Karl Dean was also on hand to honor both Yearwood and Brooks.

"You have been a model of giving back since you arrived on the music scene," Dean said to Brooks. "From the very beginning, you never gave up on Nashville. Your random acts of kindness have affected countless lives in this community.

"But what you did to help Nashville after the [2010] flood will never be forgotten. When our community was struggling, you were there. Performing nine shows in seven days and giving every penny, almost $4 million, to the Community Foundation for our flood relief effort, that is truly one for the record books," Dean continued. "We cannot thank you enough, and we hope this star reminds you how much we admire your work and how much we appreciate what you've done for this city."

Allen Reynolds, who has produced all but one of Brooks' records, recalled the singer's humble beginnings and his humility that has endured through his many successes.

"When we started out, Garth was just another unknown dreamer, but Garth dreams awfully big, and by the time his second album was released, his career was taking off like the proverbial rocket," Reynolds shared. "I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I've always been with the way he's handled himself. He's been so gracious to everyone around him and such an honorable person.

"I know he's a famous person," he added, "but he's also one of the best human beings I've known in my life, and it seems very fitting to me that his name should be there on the Walk of Fame."

A humbled Brooks took the stage to briefly thank all of those who have helped him achieve his success.

"When I think Nashville, and what I love about this place -- it's the home of the dreamers," Brooks said. "It's the home of the people who made the leap. The ones that made the drive here, lived in their cars. That's why I love this town. It's no mystery and no question, I'm from Oklahoma. That is my hometown. I cannot thank Nashville enough for giving me a second home in my life and a permanent invitation to stay here."

Yearwood and Brooks earned stars No. 64 and No. 65 on the Music City Walk of Fame. Another star, star No. 66, was given to Mayor Dean. A list of all of the inductees is available on the Music City Walk of Fame website.

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