Garth Brooks made a rare appearance on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' on Friday, November 19. The two friends quickly caught up on Garth's growing daughters, his wife of five years, Trisha Yearwood, and much more. Here are the highlights!

Garth on living with three teenagers: "They're into everything Dad doesn't like. Girls are that way. They say you'll want girls all the way up to a certain point, then you'll wish you could switch them for boys. The thing is, when you've got three girls, you've got more boys at the house than I really want anyway."

On his Thanksgiving plans:. "We have a tradition that I don't think anyone else has. At the Brooks' house, we overeat. We [eat] everything from vegetables, stuffing, deviled eggs and turkey. I have a wife who has two New York Times best-selling cookbooks, so I stay the hell out of the way."

On the inspiration behind 'Garth's Breakfast Bowl' from Trisha's latest cookbook: "Everything you can imagine is in it. The girls got through with their breakfast, and they leave stuff on their plates. I just put it all into one bowl."

On celebrating wedding anniversaries with Trisha: "Ms. Yearwood got married to all of us. She exchanged rings with me and each one of my daughters, so we all celebrate our anniversary together."

On life as a Las Vegas performer at the Wynn Casino: "I hang out with Steve Wynn -- the big boss! He is a big deal there. We were sitting down having dinner ... While he's talking to me, these three ladies come over to the table to get an autograph. They're behind Steve so he doesn't see them. I touched Steve's hand, and I said, 'Excuse me a minute...' I stand up, and they go, 'Can we have your autograph?' Wynn goes off and starts calling for the waiter. I'm panicking now! I don't know what to do. I said, 'Look, when this is over, if you're still here, I'll sign whatever you've got.' Everyone was embarrassed. Wynn just has his time when it's time for dinner or if he's doing business. After the dinner, we're walking out and I tell Steve, 'I've got to go back in and take care of something ... I'll be right back.' As I'm walking toward their table, I see a look on their face that I've never seen before, and it's starting to hit me. When I got up to them, I asked them, 'You weren't asking for my autograph, were you?' Steve Wynn's the most popular guy on the planet; they thought I was his security. Then all of a sudden, these nice people were like, 'Oh, no ... we'll take a picture with you!' It was great. It was horrible. I hope that never happens again ever in my life."

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