Garth Brooks had a bit of a struggle with a towel rack recently, but it was all for a good cause.

The country superstar was working with Geri Smith, a Birmingham, Ala.-area woman, on a Habitat for Humanity House that she planned to move into with her three children, when the hanging of the towel rack became a bit of a challenge. The duo triumphed, though, and moved onto other parts of the fine tuning of the house.

"I really look forward to this," Brooks told the Birmingham News about working on such homes. "One of the biggest misunderstandings about Habitat is that they give away homes for free. They don't. These people work their butts off."

The project was part of the 27th annual Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter project. As part of the event, Geri introduced Garth at a dinner attended by former President Jimmy Carter.

When Geri said she was nervous about crafting a proper introduction, Garth humorously suggested: "Something simple like the greatest entertainer of all time," he said. "Some of my hobbies: eating and napping."

He could have added "humanitarian" to that. Garth has been a longtime volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and many other charities.